The Uniqueness of Taiwan’s Convenience Stores

Taiwan Convenience Stores: They are everywhere, but what can you REALLY “Get + Do” there?
(And yes, I can no longer imagine life without them…)

1. Food / Drinks Related
a. Ready-to-Eat Foods (Sandwiches, Hot Dogs, Salads, Oden, Etc…)
b. Freshly Brewed Coffee and Alcohol (Beer to Vodkas and Whiskeys)
c. Frozen Foods (Ice Creams, Prepared Meals, Raw Meats, etc..)
d. Fresh Fruits and Vegetables (Select Locations)
e. Snacks, Sweets and a LOT of Instant Noodle Options
f. Cooking Supplies – Chicken Broth, Rice, Canned Tuna and Corn, Cooking Oil, Chili Sauce, Sugar, Salt & Pepper, etc…)

2. Money Related
a. ATM (Cash Withdrawal, Money Wiring and Transfer, etc…)
b. Paying Bills (Utilities, Highway Toll Fees, Public Parking, etc…)
c. Yoyo Card – you can get it here and deposit money into it. This pre-paid card is used across Taiwan, especially for public services, such as buses, metros, bicycle rental, etc…)
d. Deposit Money into other Pre-paid Cards (iCash, Phone Cards, etc…)

3. Office Related
a. Copying, Faxing and Printing Services (Take the file in an USB disk)
b. Basic Supplies (Pens, Paper, Stapler, Clips, etc…)
c. Mailing and Shipping (Your own packages – even Frozen foods!)
d. Package Pick-Up (from Online Vendors)

4. Tickets for … (iBon / Famiport Electronic Teller)
a. Trains, Buses, Airplanes and THSR (the Bullet Train)
b. Concerts (just about any concert held at the National Concert Halls and from the “Legacy” Concert Locations)

5. Miscellaneous “Stuff”
a. Electronics (Chargers and Cables, Earphones)
b. Make-Up / Manicure / Pedicure Supplies
c. Bathroom and Shower Supplies
d. Packaged Gifts (usually snacks)
e. Pet Food

6. Miscellaneous Services
a. Dry Cleaning!
b. Call a Taxi
c. Public Restroom
d. Free Wi-Fi
e. Recycling for Batteries
f. Dining / Resting Area
g. Gogoro (Electric Motorcycle) Battery Swap
f. Ordering Full 10 course meals for Chinese New Year

Note: The list above applies to MOST 7-11 and Family Mart locations, but not every one is the same…

Last Update:  August 21, 2017

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