Online Shopping in Taiwan

A Guide to Online Shopping in Taiwan: (Post 1 of 3)
– Local Websites (so you don’t have to worry about import taxes)

General Shopping / Generic Sites:
1.  PC Home:
In English (
In Chinese (
Popular local site, especially for daily living products and electronics.
They offer 24 hours delivery for a lot of their products. Beware that there are fewer products in the English site …

2.  Momo ( – Chinese Only
Another popular site among locals, with a higher focus on products you typically find in a mall (bags, purses, cosmetics, etc…).

3. Costco ( – English and Chinese
The online version of the US based, buy-in-bulk hypermarket. If you are a member, they can deliver a good range of their products to your home.

4. Shopee ( – Chinese Only
Another popular shopping site.

5. Yahoo – Chinese Only
( ( (
The local online shopping site for the search engine company. The 3 sites are divided by products (1) sold by Yahoo, (2) sold through Yahoo and (3) Bid + Auctioned on Yahoo.

6. Ruten (
Bidding / Auction Site (a.k.a. – The “eBay” of Taiwan) – it is actually a Joint Venture between PCHome and eBay.

7. iBon (
The online mall for the company that runs the 7-11 stores in Taiwan

8. Pinkoi (
They are more of an online boutique type store. This is a good site if you are looking for local designs and ideas for small gifts.

9. Carrefour ( – Chinese Only
Online Shopping Site of the French Supermarket chain in Taiwan.

Honorable Mentions (Chinese Only):
These Local Online “Malls” are well integrated with local Convenience Stores:

1. U-Mall (
2. UDN Shopping (
3. friDay GoHappy (
4. EHS (
5. ASAP (
6. CrazyMiKe (

Last Update: Sept 24, 2017

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