Moving and Relocation Services in Taiwan (English Speaking)

For those looking for English Speaking Moving Services, here are a few choices (at least to some reasonable communication extent):

1. Allied Pickfords (
This is a global company and well known for moving from one country to another. Their website provides appraisal services, so you know what you are paying for from the very beginning.

2. AGS Four Winds (
Another International moving company. They also offer short and long term storage services.

3. Asian Tigers (
This company caters to both individuals and businesses, and offer complete packages for relocation. They also offer storage, packing and consulting services related to international moving.

4. Crown Relocations (
Another International Moving and Relocation Company, located in over 50 countries.

5. SF Moving and Trucking (
This is a local company (with a branch in Florida!) that can help with both domestic and moving to/from the US. They are more limited in terms of English, but offer competitive pricing and cover the entire island.

6. Santa Fe Relocation (
A Hong Kong based company with international reach and a very complete range of services.

7. Steven the Mover ( – Taipei only
Well known among Expats in Taipei. He is known as very friendly, good English skills and well spoken for.

One thought on “Moving and Relocation Services in Taiwan (English Speaking)

  1. Taiwan, the East Asian island, attracts foreign specialists with its innovation-focused economy and great possibilities for gathering valuable work experience in the Asian markets. Our Relocation Guide on moving to Taiwan covers the nation’s main cities, visa regulations, and more.


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