Grocery Shopping for Expats

Grocery Shopping for Expats (with a focus on imported goods)!

1. Jasons Marketplace (

Very complete Supermarket and the 1st major Taiwan supermarket chain focused on imported goods.
*Locations in Taipei, Taichung, Tainan and Kaohsiung.

2. City Super (
Complete Supermarket with lots of imported goods and ready-made foods.
*Locations in Taipei (Multiple), Taoyuan, Hsinchu and Taichung

3. Costco (
Wide range of foods and goods, selling in Bulk and at great pricing.
*14 locations across Taiwan

4. Finga’s Fine Food (
They offer prepared foods (sausages, patties, breads) as well as groceries used for cooking (spices, sauces, chips). You can also dine at the store.
*Located in Taichung and a local favorite since 1993.

5. Willie’s Deli / G and G (
Good amount of imported goods for daily needs. They are also a restaurant, offering from sandwiches to salads and pasta.
*Located in Taipei and serving Expats since 1979!

6. Captain / Yumaowu (
Japanese Style Supermarket
*Located in Taichung and Changua

7. Breeze Super (
Japanese Style Supermarket
*Located in Taipei

8. Ikea ( – scroll down their webpage for English Info
More of a furniture store, but nonetheless offers several foods.
*Locations in Taipei (2), Taoyuan, Taichung and Kaohsiung.

9. Food Materials Mall (
A good place for those who like baking. They offer a wide variety of ingredients and is a local Expat favorite.
*Located in Taichung

10. MLD (
A grocery store located inside the newly opened MLD Shopping Center next to Ikea Kaohsiung.  The imported foods section is decent and constantly growing.
* Located in Kaohsiung

Honorable Mentions (contain section with limited imported foods):

11. Carrefour (Supermarket – all across Taiwan)
12. RT Mart (Supermarket – all across Taiwan)
13.  Wellcome (Supermarket – all across Taiwan)

Last Update: June 2018

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