The Unique (and Best) Hot Springs of Taiwan

From Taipei to Puli, this is our favorite list of Taiwan Hot Springs:

** Very Honorable Mention:  Zhaori Saltwater Hot Springs (Green Island – Click Photo Below)

(One of the only 3 Saltwater Hot Springs in the World)

Theme and Water Parks in Taiwan

A List of Outdoor Theme and Water Parks in Taiwan
(and with at least some basic level of English Information)

General (Rides, Ferris Wheels, Roller Coasters, etc…)

  1.   Leofoo Village (North)
  2.   E-Da World (South)
  3.   Janfusan Fancyworld (Central)
  4.   Formosan (9 Tribes) Aboriginal Culture Village (South)        (
  5.   Lihpao Land (Central)
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