My Food, My (Expat) Way

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A Comprehensive List of Restaurants and Food Related Businesses that are Owned / Managed by Expats in Taiwan:Β 

Taichung and Central Taiwan

Restaurants, Bars & Bakeries
Name Main Cuisine Link
Uptowner American
Just Diner American
Roadhouse American
The Olive Mountain Bakery
Mana Boulangerie Bakery
Belga Belgium
Britannia Bistro Bar British
Zoe’s F ‘n’ Chips British
DJ House Brunch
Finga’s European
UZO Mediterranean Bar Deli
Soho7 Deli
Belling’s Deli and Bar Deli
Delicatesses Desmarais Deli
Delys & Sens French
A La Maison French
Gulu’s House French
Bollywood Indian
The Spice Shop Indian
Sadhya Indian
Bella Roma Italian
Alfredo Italian
Bemo’s Mexican
P-Joe’s Rumpus Mexican
Pizza Rock (6 Locs.) Pizza
Salut Pizza Pizza
Rocky’s Pizza Pizza
Slice N’ Dice Pizza
Retski’s Kitchen Russian
La Bodega Spanish
Little Tibet Tibetan
Anatolia Turkish
Doner Kebab Turkish
Montreal Style Western
Olive Bistro Western
Gong High Bar + Snacks
Bootleggers Bar + Snacks
3 Giants Brewing Bar + Snacks
Terroir Wine Bar + Snacks
Caterers, Mfg & Food Trucks
Carmichael’s Catering Western
Dida Creamery Cheese
Mati Chocolate Chocolate
Sausage Shack Sausages
Schulli’s Beef Sausages
Eddie New Yorker American
Edd’s Cookhouse Vegan
Tasty Bitez Turkish
Sweet C’s Specialty Cakes Cakes

From all corners of our planet, Expats have come to Taiwan and brought with them a taste of their home cuisine.Β  From all of us at, we want to extend a special “Thank You” for your entrepreneurial courage and spirit.Β  If you detect any erroneous information or if we missed your business, please contact us.

Last Update:Β  September 2018

Grocery Shopping for Expats

Grocery Shopping for Expats (with a focus on imported goods)!

1. Jasons Marketplace (Β 

Very complete Supermarket and the 1st major Taiwan supermarket chain focused on imported goods.
*Locations in Taipei, Taichung, Tainan and Kaohsiung.
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Tax Info for Taiwan Expats

πŸ’Έ A good summary of all things related to taxes for an Expat in Taiwan πŸ–‹οΈ

Click to access 2017-04.pdf

Here is the official Government Site:

And a good summarized blog on the same subject: