Expat Stories: The LAB – International Theater Company in Taiwan

The LAB is Taiwan’s One and Only Full-time International Theater Company.

實演場 The LAB is both a show producer and a fully equipped “black box” space. It’s staff has a combined 50 years of show business experience in Taiwan and abroad.  In cooperation with Butterfly Effect Theatre Co, it produces 4-5 mainstage shows per calendar year–all licensed and performed by Taipei’s finest performers in English with Chinese subtitles.

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25 Taiwanese Must See Movies


From Oscar winning Director Ang Lee to the masterful Hou Hsiao Hsien, from “Life of Pi” to “Cape No. 7”, this wonderful list of Taiwanese movies is an eye-opener to those unfamiliar with Taiwanese Cinema. 

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Theme and Water Parks in Taiwan

A List of Outdoor Theme and Water Parks in Taiwan
(and with at least some basic level of English Information)

General (Rides, Ferris Wheels, Roller Coasters, etc…)

  1.   Leofoo Village (North)
  2.   E-Da World (South)
  3.   Janfusan Fancyworld (Central)
  4.   Formosan (9 Tribes) Aboriginal Culture Village (South)        (www.nine.com.tw/webe/html/information/index.aspx)
  5.   Lihpao Land (Central)
    (www.lihpaoland.com.tw/en/) Continue reading “Theme and Water Parks in Taiwan”